What Is Berber Carpet? Everything You Need to Know

Are you sorting through the dozens of carpet types in search of a durable carpet that’s both soft and resistant to spills?

Berber carpet is a stylish flooring does all of the above.

Designers tend to use the terms berber, pattern, and loop carpets without discrimination. Although a berber carpet is a looped carpet, those looking for a specific look and style should make sure they know what berber flooring is available.

What is berber carpet? Read our quick guide to understanding berber carpeting to find out.

What Is Berber Carpet?

Berber Carpet is better known as a loop carpet. These carpets feature distinct knots across the fabric from the creation of loops. A traditional Berber carpet will feature tens of thousands of little knots as well as slight variations in color as a result of using wool from different parts fo the street.

Making a loop carpet requires a distinct technique of weaving. When you make a loop carpet, you sew the yarn or wool into the carpet backing without cutting the back.

Some variations also exist. Level loops include a loop at a single height. You might also find a pattern loop or pattern berber carpet where one row of loops might be taller than the next or form some other type of pattern.

When the weaver cuts the loops at the back of the carpet, you get a pile carpet.

Berber carpets found in the United States use one of four materials: wool, nylon, polyester, and olefin.

Where Does Berber Loop Carpet Come From?

The loop method of carpet making comes from the North African Berbers and is a traditional way of weaving rugs and carpets.

A traditional Berber carpet is handwoven from wool or yarn collected from the weaver’s flock. Today, many travelers to the region arrive home laden with beautiful, handmade carpets still made in Berber villages.

The Benefits of Berber Carpet

Berber carpets are a popular choice for single family homes because they’re cost-effective and relatively stain resistant.

The loops on the carp prevent liquids or spills from sinking straight into the foundation fibers of the carpet. When the spill sits on the surface, you have more time to reach them before they set and stain.

We say they’re relatively stain resistant because berber carpets are not fully stain resistant. You need to buy a treated carpet to get an entirely repellant fabric. However, their construction combine with the aesthetic appeal of the texture, and varying color makes them family-friendly.

Things to Consider Before Buying Berber

Loop carpets are prone to snags and stains compared to other types of durable carpets, and cheaper carpets made from polyester or olefin may feature a rough feel.

Additionally, those with cats should think carefully about buying berber carpet. Cat claws love loop carpets, and if your cat likes to scratch or to use scratching posts, they may also enjoy tearing your carpet. In some cases, a scratching pad or post offsets that behavior.

Choose Your Flooring Wisely

What is berber carpet? It is an excellent flooring cover choice. It’s comfortable, traps heat during the winter, and offers unlimited personalization.

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