Tips to install laminate flooring on stairs

Over the past few years, laminate flooring has become an extremely popular option for homeowners. Not only is it usually quite affordable; in most cases, it is relatively easy to keep clean and maintain overall as well. However, many people have asked tips to install laminate flooring on stairs and if it is possible. In short, the answer to this is yes. While it can be installed on stairs, a slightly different method of installation may be needed to ensure its overall durability.

Glue may be needed

Although it is quite possible to install any type of laminate flooring on stairs, it will be necessary to make use of glue to help ensure that it remains secure. This is because stairs are generally classified as high foot traffic areas of a home or office environment, and as a result, the traditional click installation method may not be secure enough to use alone. In addition, the laminate sections will usually have to be cut or trimmed to size in order to fit the surface of the stairs properly, so ensuring that each piece is glued down well will help prevent it from lifting and looking unsightly – or even causing someone to trip and fall on the stairs.

Obtain Professional Advice

Another tip to install laminate flooring on stairs is to keep in mind that because this is a difficult DIY project, it may be a good idea to obtain advice or even assistance from someone who has done it before. This will help ensure that the installation is done properly and that it doesn’t start to lift after a few months. Many companies that sell laminate flooring will be more than willing to provide assistance or advice pertaining to installing laminate flooring on stairs – usually free of charge as well. If any type of laminate flooring has been installed properly, it can be expected to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, depending on the overall quality of the flooring that was purchased.

Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring

When creating laminate stairs in a home or office, it is essential to remember that buying the cheapest possible laminate pieces will normally not result in a great looking installation. Many companies sell markdown laminate flooring that may be mismatched or oddly sized, which will make it close to impossible to install it correctly without a lot of effort. As a result, it is recommended to spend as much as can be afforded when installing laminate flooring on stairs. In some cases, discount coupons or special offers on higher quality ranges may enable property owners to get decent flooring at great prices.

Before installing laminate flooring on stairs, property owners should take some time to shop around because this flooring is available in a wide range of color and finish options. This will enable them to choose the right one to match their existing interior décor, while also getting it for the best possible price. There may even be instances where they will be able to qualify for free installation as well.