The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Are you looking for tiles that offer endless design options?

If so, you should try out ceramic tiles. They’re available in different colors, sizes, thickness, shapes, and textures that can suit both the traditional and the contemporary house designs.

On top of that, you’ll have unlimited options regarding how you install, mix, and arrange the flooring tiles.

But what are their downsides?

Before you visit your local or online tile dealer, here are the benefits and drawbacks of ceramic tile flooring so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of Ceramic Tiles

Water Resistance

Glazed ceramic tiles come with a protective layer that makes them impervious to water and stain penetration. They’re also naturally resistant to the effect of high humidity, and this makes them ideal for use in moist spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

If you go for unglazed ceramic tiles, you’ll have to seal them to protect their surface from water, moisture, and stains.

The grout line between ceramic flooring tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, is also susceptible to moisture. Therefore, you’ll need to seal them to prevent penetration of stain and water, which can otherwise seep down and weaken the tile adhesive or even cause the growth of mold.

Fire Resistance

Ceramic flooring tiles have a dense body that doesn’t burn or emit harmful fumes.

Even hot cooking pans can’t melt or scorch the surface of a ceramic. This makes ceramic tiles ideal for use even in kitchens.


Did you know there are still intact ceramic tiles in the ruins of ancient Rome and Egypt? That’s amazing, right?

As far as tile flooring goes, you’re not going to find affordable tiles that are more durable and robust than ceramic flooring tiles.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay that has been baked at very high temperatures, and this makes them durable and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Thanks to their strength and resilient, they can last for years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them shortly after installation.

No Allergen Problems

Ceramics have a hard, solid surface that’s resistant to dust, dirt, pollen or other potential allergens.

When these small elements land on the ceramic tile, they stay on its surface, making it easy for you to wipe them away with a sponge or mop.


Ceramic flooring tiles are incredibly versatile and adaptable to different parts of the interior. They can suit diverse settings with minimal modifications.

They’re also easy to clean and maintain.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that the global temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees C in the past century?

According to experts, this is a significant increase, and the global temperature will continue to rise and won’t stop any time soon. This translates to more heating and cooling costs.

Thankfully, ceramic tiles can help you reduce your energy bills. This tile flooring has unique properties that will keep your house cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

Ceramic Tiles are Environmentally Friendly

Want to protect the environment and reduce the effects of global warming?

Use ceramic tiles! These tiles are made of recyclable content–clay, sand, and glass. Besides, you don’t also need to use environmentally harmful chemicals and substances to clean them.

Easy Installation

Unlike other types of flooring, ceramic tiles are easy to install. They’re also less expensive to install than hardwood flooring.

It’ll cost you $4,240 to install hardwood and only $1,588 to install ceramic flooring tiles.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Is Easy to Repair

Even though ceramic tiles have a hard and stable surface, they can still break.

The good news is that repairing ceramics is far simpler than fixing other types of flooring such as hardwood flooring.

All you need to do is remove the broken tile, clean the area, replace the tiles, and regrout the repaired area. This will take you only a few minutes.

Increasing Home Resale Value

Ceramic tiles are not just a source of beauty and enjoyment; they can also increase your home’s resale value.


The look of the modern ceramic tiles speaks of quality, elegance, and uniqueness. Any prospective home buyer who walks into your house and is greeted by beautiful ceramics will fall in love with your home and will want to buy it.

Beyond surface appearance, quality ceramic tiles are durable and also resistant to moisture, scuffs, stains, and scratches.

Maintaining these tiles is very easy, and they’re quite attractive and hygienic. All these are good selling points that you can use to entice home buyers and fetch the highest price in the market.

What are the Cons of Ceramic Tiles?

There are some drawbacks to using ceramic flooring tiles, here are some of them:

Ceramic Tiles Are Relatively Cold

Some of the materials used to make ceramic tiles don’t hold on to heat very well. This means that your floor can get cold during winter.

The flip side to this is that these flooring tiles can be quite comfortable underfoot during summer.


Ceramic flooring tiles are quite heavy, which means that it’s not always appropriate to install them on the upper level of a building.

If you decide to do upper story installations, make sure you have a qualified professional by your side. The expert will measure the integrity of your home to ensure you’re not putting unnecessary stress on it.

The Five Classes of Ceramic Tiles

Here are the five classes of ceramic flooring tiles that you should know about:

Class 1 – This class is ideal for home finishing or bathroom walls.

Class 2 – Class 2 is suitable for places where there’s less foot traffic, such as a changing room or close to a swimming pool.

Class 3 – These tiles are suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms because they come with a thickness that can handle heavy foot traffic.

Class 4 – If you want tile for an entrance, a class 4 ceramic tile is what you should select.

Class 5 – This class is not suitable for homes. However, it can be installed in public places such as school hallways and other similar areas.

Wrapping Up

Whether you prefer a sleek modern style or an elegant traditional look, you can never go wrong with the ceramic tile flooring. They’re beautiful, affordable, and will improve the value of your home.

If you have any questions or would like to install quality ceramic tiles, you can get in touch and request flooring estimate here.