Throwback! 5 Retro Kitchen Flooring Ideas You Will Love

Calling all vintage lovers! From farmhouse to colonial, retro kitchen flooring is ready to take you back in time. 

Vintage items and materials are taking the contemporary world by storm. Many homeowners are now opting for throwback designs instead of modern ones. These styles have been made popular by many TV shows as well as movies that have awed us all with their authenticity. 

Vintage lovers also delight in recreating moments in time. They seek out the most authentic materials and pieces to create a timeless look. Every piece is carefully chosen to ensure that the overall design not only looks good but also feels like a different era.

Conducting a kitchen revamp is, however, no easy process. But, with retro kitchen flooring, you’ll be glad you took the time and effort to complete this remodel. 

So, what are some of the most classic retro flooring options to choose from?

Read on to discover how to make your vintage kitchen dreams a reality with these 5 kitchen flooring choices. 

Retro Kitchen Flooring: 5 Throwback Designs

Are you a colonial vintage lover? Perhaps a mid-century fanatic? Whichever time period is your favorite, there’s a kitchen flooring design to meet your needs. 

Explore the following retro kitchen flooring options to get your creativity going. 

1. 1950s Checkerboard Linoleum 

Anybody who chooses to binge-watch Happy Days on a Friday evening will love checkerboard tiles. Checkerboard tiles are great for a 1950s diner-lookalike kitchen design. 

Linoleum flooring is also a durable material that can last for many years. It’s easy to clean and to maintain as well.

2. Mid-Century VCT Tile

VCT tile is a great choice for a mid-century kitchen. It would also look great in a mid-century modern home as well. 

VCT tile comes in many different designs and patterns, but it gives any kitchen a delightful mid-century appeal. 

3. Queen Anne Cork

Queen Anne homes ooze with Victorian charm. Cork flooring is a perfect choice for any Queen Anne kitchen in need of a makeover. 

Cork comes in different shades which can complement your kitchen design. It’s also a durable retro kitchen flooring that can last for years to come.

4. Victorian Mosaic Tile

Mosiac tile is also a great choice for Victorian period homes. Mosiac tiles come in a variety of different colors and can be used to form many designs. Typically, homeowners make ornate designs out of mosaic tiles which make them look grand in any kitchen. 

Mosiac tile is also a long-lasting and durable material. It’s easy to clean and maintain as well. 

5. Colonial Brick Tiles

Brick tiles are making their way on to the home scene in an intriguing way. These tiles, however, only resemble brick; they aren’t actually brick. 

These tiles look fabulous in colonial-inspired homes. They are sure to make your kitchen feel cozy and transport you to a different time period. 

Retro Kitchen Flooring: What’s Your Style?

Retro kitchen flooring is sure to make your new kitchen a vintage success. When purchasing kitchen flooring materials make sure to order an additional amount to account for cutting and waste. Typically, experts recommend ordering 10% more than your square footage requires. 

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