What is Plush Carpet?

Plush carpet can be defined as a type of cut pile carpeting that has a denser and smoother weave than most other types of floor covering. The way in which this carpeting has been cut gives the impression of a perfectly manicured lawn in that all of its fibers are a uniform length and color. As a result, it usually has a more ‘luxurious’ appearance than other types of carpeting.

Great-Looking Carpeting

The uniform structure of plush carpeting means that it is best suited to rooms where a more luxurious appearance is required. This can include more formal living room setups, guest bedrooms or even office boardrooms that are only used a few times a week. As with many other types of carpeting, plush carpet is available in a wide range of colors as well.

Advantages of Having Plush Carpet Installed

In most cases, plush carpet has been treated in order to be as resistant as possible to stains and dirt. Plush carpeting is also made in such a way that its tufts are woven as closely together as possible. This not only makes it more resistant to dirt and stains; it provides you with a level of underfoot cushioning than most other types of carpet cannot – even when an underlay has not been used. It also means that this carpet is extremely comfortable for children who enjoy playing on the floor because it is so soft. This type of carpeting can help dampen or reduce noise levels in the home as well.

Another great benefit of this carpeting is its appearance. It has a rich and velvety appearance, which means that it will give any room that has been installed in an absolutely luxurious look and feel. As a result, it is often used in upmarket hotel rooms as well. Provided that this carpeting is vacuumed regularly, it will retain its velvety feel and a great appearance for many years.

Potential Disadvantages of Plush Carpet

One of the main drawbacks that most people have mentioned with regards to this type of carpeting is that it has a habit of showing footmarks and streaks or stripes after it has been vacuumed. As a result, it can look unkempt or even downright scruffy if it is installed in a high traffic area. Another disadvantage of the solid or lighter-colored varieties is that they have a tendency to show dirt a lot quicker than some other types of carpeting, meaning that it may not be well-suited to high traffic areas or homes where there are young kids and/or pets that live indoors.

To keep plush carpet looking good for as long as possible, it is essential to ensure that it is vacuumed regularly – think weekly – and professionally cleaned once to twice a year. This will help prevent dirt or stains from becoming ingrained in it. It is also not recommended that this carpeting is installed in any high traffic areas such as on stairs, in hallways, living rooms or offices that experience high levels of foot traffic.

Caring for your Plush Carpeting

Your plush carpet will look fantastic right after being installed. However, it’s essential to implement proper care and maintenance routine from day one to ensure that you keep it looking good for as long as possible. Although the carpet will show vacuum marks, it is imperative that it be vacuumed once a week, as this will help prevent grime and dirt from being ingrained into the fibers.

When having this carpet cleaned, it’s recommended that you hire expert cleaners to do the job, as they will ensure that the carpet is not left too wet afterward – the thicker pile can hold a lot of water, which could cause mold to develop after a while. After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, it is a good idea to have a high-quality stain treatment applied to it, as this will help extend its lifespan substantially – especially if there are kids and/or pets in the house.

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Plush Carpet will add a rich and luxurious feel to any room that it has been installed in. However, its color should be chosen according to how often the room is going to be used, as this will help ensure that it stays looking good for as long as possible. Lighter colors should be reserved for a guest bedroom or little-used living rooms, while darker colors can be used for bedrooms and/or living rooms and dens. Always ensure that this carpeting is installed by an expert.

Plush carpet looks great in rooms that have lower levels of foot traffic