Everything you need to know about pet proof carpet

It’s estimated that well over 85 million homes in the USA have some type of pet. You might own a dog, a cat, a lizard or bird. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have, they all have one thing in common. They will all, without an exception make your home or property a little more of a mess. When you first bring a dog into your home, they will not be toilet trained. You will need to go through months where they will often mistakenly urinate or leave the droppings inside your home. This can create a range of issues including a foul smell and an unpleasant stain on the floor.

Even after they have been trained pets are still animals. They will still on occasion leave a mess in your home and this can be a problem for property owners, particularly if you have carpeted floors. Carpeted floors can be more challenging to clean and maintain compared to hardwood or something like vinyl. In fact, maintenance can be such a challenge, that you might consider getting rid of the carpet altogether.

Before you take that step, consider pet proof carpet in your home. Pet proof carpet solves many of the issues owners have with pets in their home. What issues are we talking about?

Challenges Of Pets In The Home

There are a few issues that you need to contend with when you have pets in your home. You’ll have to deal with nasty smells or odors that can hang around for months. Stains can also be an issue but some pets will also damage the carpet simply by walking all over it. They may also leave hairs everywhere that can be difficult to remove. That’s why you need to look at pet proof carpet solutions.

Pet proof solutions are designed to solve most of these issues. That means that they are often odor resistant, highly durable and easy to clean if you do need to deal with a stain left by a pet in your home.

With pet proof carpet, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort simply by making the right choice the next time you decide to modify or renovate your property. Choose pet proof carpet and you’ll find it does exactly what the name suggests. It pet proofs your home or, at the very least, your floors!

Different Choices

There are various choices that you can consider when looking at Pet Proof Carpets. You could think about purchasing Smartstrand Forever Clean Carpet. This is the pet proof carpet solution from Mohawk. Mohawk is a highly reputable, trusted carpet producer and there are millions of homes across the USA that use their carpets.

The Smartstrand solution has a number of clever features that improve the lives of pet owners. With a 0% absorption of moisture, odors from pets are greatly produced because they aren’t soaked into the carpet fiber. As well as this, the carpet has a nonlocal spill and soil shield. Mohawk says this allows owners a fast and simple option for cleaning the carpet. As well as this, the producer claims the carpet is 3x easier to clean compared to a standard carpet. So, you won’t have to worry about dirty, hair and dander clogging up your floors, making it look a mess. The carpet also has a built-in stain protection that will last a lifetime! Another benefit of the Smartstrand carpet is that it provides a great level of durability. With spring fibers, the carpet appearance is protected from paw prints.

StainMaster is another company that has thrown their hat into the ring for customers looking for a pet proof carpet. With this producer, the clue is in the name and StainMaster certainly has a strong reputation for producing tough high-quality carpets that are resistant to stains.

One of the great benefits of StainMaster carpets that customers love is the massive selection of different styles and designs to choose from. Since the company is built around the idea of creating long-lasting carpets, you don’t have to choose a specific type of carpet from their company. All of their carpets are designed to provide a certain level of pet proof.

For customers looking for an extra level of protection, the company does have a PetProtect range as well. This range of carpets is designed to be resistant to everything from odors and pet hair while providing an extra level of durability. This carpet will also give owners a comfortable finish that reviewers seem to love because it provides a brilliant level of style as well as an extra layer of protection for their home. It’s ideally suited for homeowners with larger pets such as cats and particularly large dogs.

LifeProof carpets are another brilliant pet proof carpet for homeowners with furry friends running around the place. Offered by Home Depot, LifeProof carpets aren’t just for pet homes but really any homeowner with a large and active family. LifeProof carpets provide a range of benefits including stain protection against a range of substances and dirty animal paws.

Similar to StainMaster carpets, LifeProof carpets come in a wide range of different styles, colors, and shades. You won’t be tied down to anyone design when you choose a carpet like this for your home. Whether you’d love an aqua blue or a sun-drenched yellow, you’ll find the perfect carpet for your room and get the pet-proofing that you need.

There are plenty of different types of LifeProof carpet to choose from as well. For instance, you can look into the Fade and Wear-resistant range. These are tough, last longer than the typical carpet and offer an extra level of durability.

Alternatively, the hypoallergenic range is ideal for those who want to make sure that the carpet doesn’t gather pet dander. This is certainly one of the disadvantages of LifeProof carpets. Unlike other brands, you will have to choose which pet protection factor is more important to you and select a carpet to match.

Cost of Pet Proof Carpet

You might be worried about the cost of a pet-proof carpet. It’ true that pet proof carpets are more expensive than the typical carpet. However, you can find great deals for virtually every brand of pet proof carpet. If you’re struggling to find the right pet proof carpet for your home, you can use our service. We’ll search through the different options and offers to find the right pet proof carpet for you and the one that matches your individual budget. We can guarantee that you get a high-quality carpet at a price that you can afford.

Pet proof carpets provide excellent value for money due to their high level of durability. When you have pets, you will see a certain level of wear and tear around your home. This is to be expected as pets can cause damage. Even if you have hardwood floors pets can scratch them with their claws just by walking or running around. With carpet, they can pull apart the fibers leaving areas that look a mess. Eventually, you will have no choice but to replace your carpet completely, leading to an expensive time-consuming redesign of your home.

With pet proof carpet, this is no longer an issue. Since pet proof carpets are highly durable they can last for years and look great for longer. You won’t have to worry about pets pulling apart the carpet with their claws because the fibers are tougher. Instead, pets can walk across the floor as much as they like and the carpet will always bounce back, looking brand new and staying beautiful. You might pay a premium for pet proof carpet, but you’ll save a lot more in the long run.

Pet Proof Carpet Reviews

The reviews are in and customers love pet proof carpet. Many homeowners decided to invest in pet proof carpet because they were sick and tired of the odors their pets were left around the home. The odors were being absorbed by the fibers of the carpet and lasting for months on end. With petproof carpet, the fibers are tougher and more resistant so homeowners are relieved to find that pet odors don’t last long for all.

Other homeowners invested in pet-proof carpet because they hated trying to get rid of tough stains left by their pets on their old carpets. With pet proof carpets tough stains aren’t an issue because stains are never that difficult to remove. Customers love the fact that regardless of the stain they can get their carpet clean in minutes. With carpet that looks good for years regardless of the pet in your home and is completely resistant to issues, petproof carpet is certainly a great new option for pet owners.

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