Is it a Good Idea to Purchase Patterned Carpet?

When the topic of carpeting is discussed, many people think that they only have solid-colored options available to them. However, this is no longer the case these days. There are numerous patterned carpet options that are available as well, and in turn, these are available in different types of carpeting. This means that there is sure to be at least a few different patterned options that will be suitable for your home or office building.

Great for Disguising Small Stains and Dirt

One of the main advantages of having patterned carpet installed in your home or office is that it can be great for hiding small stains or dirt particles until such time as they can be cleaned or the carpet vacuumed. This makes it a fantastic option to use in dens, living rooms, passageways, entryways, reception areas and kids’ bedrooms where spills and dirt are an everyday part of life. In most cases, the only exception is patterned Berber carpet, which usually consists of raised sections or impressions that form the patterns instead of different colors that have been woven into the carpeting.

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Many Attractive Options Available

In years gone by, the patterned carpet was usually associated with gaudy or even downright hideous patterns and color combinations. However, this has improved vastly and there are numerous stunning color and pattern options available, ranging from just two different colors to a full array of colors, swirls, stripes, and even numerous abstract design options. This means that you will be able to choose just the right patterned carpet to suit the décor of every room or area that needs to be decorated or made over.

Advantages of Installing Carpeting

One of the most distinct advantages of having patterned carpet (or plain carpeting for that matter) installed in your home or office is that it helps provide a level of underfoot cushioning. This makes your floors more comfortable to walk on, especially when you or your kids are barefoot. When installed in colder climates, carpeting can help keep rooms – and entire homes – a few degrees warmer, which not only enhances comfort levels; it can help reduce winter energy bills substantially as well.

Another benefit of patterned carpet, solid colored carpeting or even carpet tiles is that they help absorb a lot of sounds. This makes them a great choice in bedrooms and hallways, especially when you have babies or young kids who are prone to waking up at the slightest sound. Most slip and fall accidents tend to occur on vinyl, tiled or laminate floors; however, when carpeting is installed instead, it can help prevent incidents like these from even happening in the first place.

Over the long term, patterned carpet and most other types of carpeting cost far less to keep clean and maintain than other types of flooring. In most instances, all they require is weekly vacuuming to keep them clean and to help restore the pile after being walked on.

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Potential Disadvantages of Patterned Carpet

With regards to carpeting, one of the biggest disadvantages they have is that they are prone to trapping a lot of dust in the pile and fibers. While this may not be an issue for healthy people, it can prove risky for anyone who suffers from respiratory conditions or allergies.

Another potential disadvantage of patterned carpet is that, while it can be great for disguising small stains or dirt, this could result in smaller spills not being seen until they have stained the fibers. When left untreated, stains that have resulted from brightly colored foods and drinks can cause irreparable damage. Oil-based stains can also be extremely difficult to treat, especially on natural fibers. Many people find that these stains reappear – even after being professionally treated.

To keep patterned carpet looking good for as long as possible, it is imperative that it be professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, if you have young kids or pets that live in the house, this may need to be done more often.

When shopping around for patterned carpet, it’s a good idea to spend as much as you can comfortably afford. This will ensure that you get a great quality floor covering that lasts for many years. It will enable you to obtain a decent warranty on it as well. Always steer clear of companies that aren’t willing to provide warranties or that are known for providing poor quality after-sales service – even if they do claim to offer the cheapest prices.

Patterned carpet can be advantageous in some situations