NuCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Vinyl floors really have evolved since the horrid pieces of practical flooring that were common in homes a few decades ago. While it is fairly easy to understand the motivation of previous generations when it comes to installing vinyl floors within their homes, style clearly did not seem to be one of the considerations. Vinyl floors of bygone days were quite unflattering.

We do take greater pride in the look of our homes these days. Style ranks high as one of the things that we consider whenever we make any improvements to our properties. This extends to our flooring. And vinyl flooring is an area that has come on in leaps and bounds over the years. With the NuCore vinyl plank flooring, you can create a range of different looks across numerous rooms in your home with ease.

There are many advantages to installing NuCore vinyl flooring in your home. In this NuCore flooring review, we will discuss both the pros and the cons of getting this material fitted in your home so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

The Pros Of NuCore Plank Flooring


One of the best things about NuCore plank flooring is, as with other types of vinyl plank flooring, that it is a very cost-effective option for installing in your property. It is probably one of the more affordable flooring options that you will find, with the cost per square foot being much lower than five dollars. This makes vinyl plank flooring a very good option for many first-time buyers who are on a limited budget.


You can lay vinyl plank flooring wherever you like. It is not just something that belongs in your kitchen. In fact, it is a great option for any room in the house including bedrooms and living rooms.

If you are getting it for use in the bathroom, make sure you pick a vinyl plank flooring option that handles moisture well.

Wear And Tear

NuCore vinyl flooring is pretty durable. It will withstand anything that your family throws at it quite easily. It is designed to stand a reasonable amount of movement from heavy furniture and you shouldn’t face too much of a risk in terms of scuffing.


Whether you are walking mud through your house or dropping food and drink in your kitchen, you will need to be able to clean up easily. NuCore flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to keep clean.

Styling Options

There is a whole bunch of different styling options available through NuCore. With many modern looks, you can create a really decent finish for your home quite easily.


NuCore vinyl plank flooring uses tongue in groove and is pretty easy to install. It can get a tiny bit fiddly in some rooms, particularly if you have an awkward shape area to fill. If you have a moderate ability with DIY you should be able to easily handle fitting this type of flooring without too much of an issue. However, vinyl plank flooring is something that you can have professionally fitted.


NuCore vinyl plank flooring is designed to be pet-friendly. Of course, when you have cats and dogs in your home, it can be hard to keep your flooring nice. There are always hairs everywhere, the occasional toileting accident, and not to mention dirty paw prints and claws that scratch in different places.

Thankfully NuCore flooring should stand up to most domestic animal activity in your home without leaving stains or dents.

The Cons Of NuCore Plank Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Doesn’t Hold Its Value

When you sell a home that has got any form of vinyl flooring in it, don’t expect the flooring to really add anything to the value of the property. Many buyers may be looking for wood or stone flooring. While vinyl has some very clear benefits, helping you to sell your home is, unfortunately, one of them.

Of course, that is not to say that you should not install vinyl flooring throughout, just that if you were looking to the future of your property, and wanting an option that retained value, it is worthwhile looking to wood or stone.

Environmental Concerns

If you are concerned about what you would do when it comes to disposing of your old flooring, you may worry that vinyl flooring is not biodegradable. In fact, it is not even something that you can repurpose into something else like you might be able to with wood flooring.



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