No More Water Worries: What You Should Know About Waterproof Flooring

Water. A homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Although it’s one of the most important elements to keep us alive, water can wreak havoc on our floors. One leak or flood can welcome mold and mildew into our homes and businesses instantly.

Having a strong, waterproof floor is a great first line of defense. However, when it comes to flooring options, that can be tricky.

When thinking about the comfort and design of our home and/or office, there are several flooring options that we have.

Many of us choose hardwood and tile floors. They are functional. They are sleek. They look good. Many of us still love the carpet in our rooms and living spaces. It’s warm. It’s inviting. It’s comfortable.

When it comes to our floors, though, we fear water. The idea of an accidental leak or flood is not what we want to think about when designing floor space. The sad reality, though, is that water will happen in our homes and/or offices.

Thanks to modern innovation, we now have an impressive option – waterproof flooring.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why waterproof vinyl flooring could be perfect for our homes or offices.

Waterproof Flooring – The Perfect Flooring Option

Hearing the term waterproof flooring seems too good to be true.

Many of us instantly think of the old, cheap linoleum floors from the ’70s and ’80s. We think of those huge rolls of plastic-like material that were rolled into our homes. Some of us even think of it as the flooring used in a break-dance battle.

However, linoleum is not the waterproof flooring choice that has the interior design world so excited.

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring has become quite the craze. It’s durable. It looks good. Oh yeah, and it’s waterproof.

Check out a few of the reasons why this type of flooring is an amazing option for your home or office.

It’s Durable

Waterproof flooring options are, quite possibly, indestructible.

When laminate flooring options hit the market, we were really excited. This was a cheaper option that still provided a really great look for our floors. The only downfall was that water could quickly become the kiss of death for this type of floor.

Enter waterproof vinyl flooring to the market. This option has quickly become a game-changer. When installed, it can look just like tile or hardwood.

The only difference is the material. There is no type of actual hardwood or even manufactured hardwood that is 100% waterproof. However, vinyl plank flooring can give the impression that you installed waterproof wood flooring, and it is 100% waterproof.

Most waterproof vinyl flooring is created in layers for comfort and durability.

  • Top Coat: protects from wear and tear
  • Wear Layer: protects the design of the tile/plank
  • Pattern Layer: the actual design of the tile/plank
  • Cushion Layer: gives the cushion and bounce
  • Fiberglass Layer: keeps the tile/plank flat
  • Base Layer: adds the final level of support

None of the materials in any of the layers are affected by water or humidity. Also, each layer works to add a cushion-like feel for comfort. The material is extremely durable and most vinyl flooring comes with a lifetime warranty.

It Looks Good

Vinyl flooring gives us plenty of options.

There is a look and a feel for any and every floor design. Some of the best designs look identical to a hardwood floor. There are even a few design options that can resemble expensive marble and stone and look just like regular tile.

With regular hardwood or laminate flooring, there aren’t a ton of design options. Floor design is limited to horizontal and vertical installation. There are options for inlays to add design, but those can become pretty pricey.

Vinyl flooring can be installed to give an entirely new look and feel to each and every room. If we want the look of hardwood, vinyl planks our the best option. If we want the look of tile, marble, or even granite – the vinyl tiles will do the trick. There is even a vinyl waterproof flooring option that looks woven. This type can give the appearance of bamboo or even a carpet.

There is a look for every type of design. Adding a flooring option that is not affected by water and can add personality to any and every room is a huge benefit for any home or office space.

It’s Waterproof

Alas, the primary selling point of vinyl flooring options – it’s naturally waterproof.

When designing the flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, we have to consider water. It’s inevitable.

With waterproof flooring, you never have to worry about a little, or even a lot, of water on the ground. You, also, don’t have to think twice about the possibility of humidity. If the floors get wet, it’s okay. If there is a bit of humidity in the air after a quality hot shower, it’s okay.

Vinyl flooring is made from material that is 100% unaffected by water. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, this type of flooring is one of your best options. Vinyl flooring that is glued to the ground will never be an issue. The adhesives are typically 100% waterproof, as well. If you decide to avoid the glue, then you would simply need to pull up the tile and run a fan for a while. Once the area or space has dried and the tiles have dried, you can lay them down again.

When it comes to quality and functional flooring options that can withstand water without becoming a dangerous slipping hazard, vinyl is the way to go.

It’s Easy to Clean

Many types of flooring require specific cleaning instructions.

Not waterproof flooring.

This type of flooring is probably one of the lowest maintenance options on the market. There is no special cleaner. There is no special machine. There is no recommendation to have a professional cleaning service provide maintenance.

A quick vacuum or sweep is needed to gather dust, dirt, or pet hair. Then, a bit of soap and water will clean these floors nicely. Due to their waterproof design, too much water isn’t going to cause an issue.

There is no need for any specialized equipment, like a steamer. There is no need for any specific chemicals. A wipe down is all you’ll need for this type of flooring.

It’s Easy to Install

Laying tile may require a professional. Laying hardwood may require a professional. Laying carpet may require a professional.

Vinyl waterproof flooring needs an X-acto knife and a steady hand.

A true highlight of vinyl flooring is the ease of installation. For many of these waterproof flooring options, you simply place the tile or the plank on top of a solid and level surface. When you get to a wall or a corner and it’s time to cut, you simply use the knife.

This type of flooring can be tricky, though, if you decide to use full rolls or sheets. Also, there can be a bit of a learning curve if you choose one of the waterproof flooring options that use a glue adhesive underlay.

If that’s the case, you may want to have a professional lay your flooring. Those rolls and sheets are incredibly waterproof because there are no seams. However, if it’s installed incorrectly, there can be bubbles or wrinkles.

There is an outside chance that a tile or plank can rip if you decide to drag or move heavy furniture. However, if that happens, there is a very quick fix. Find the vinyl tiles or planks that are damaged and swap out for another one.

Waterproof is the Way to Go

Every one of us will deal with water in our homes or offices. It’s inevitable.

When we install flooring, it’s important to find something that you really like. However, it’s also important to install something efficient, effective, and even waterproof.

We want to avoid any potential headache of water damage to our floors. The thought of needing to rip up our old floors and replace new floors due to water damage is overwhelming and frustrating. Why not avoid that possibility altogether?

Waterproof flooring has been around for decades. Nowadays, it’s just better and offers more designs to fit every space in your home or office. Vinyl flooring options can transform your living and working space to be comfortable, inviting, and waterproof.

Interested in how waterproof flooring can work in your home? Let us help you look at the many different options of vinyl planks and tiles.

Want to tackle an intricate design? Our team has years of experience and a creative eye for design. We’ll help you create the perfect flooring for every one of your rooms!