The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Wooden Floors

The demand for hardwood floors keeps rising, with homebuilders and buyers using wood floors in kitchens to add warmth, style, and versatility.

Homes with hardwood flooring tend to sell quicker and for higher prices than those without.

In fact, many real estate agents tell homeowners that if they’re going to make one change to their home to make it sell faster, removing carpets or old tile and replacing it with hardwood floors is worth the investment.

If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel and you’re wondering if kitchen wooden floors are a good choice, here are the pros and cons of going with hardwood:


Let’s start by taking a look at the many reasons why so many people choose kitchen wooden floors, and why hardwood floors are considered one of the top choices in homes big and small:

They Add Value

Having hardwood floors in your home adds a lot of value to your property. Potential buyers are willing to pay a lot of money for homes with beautiful hardwood floors, and homes with hardwood floors tend to sell a lot faster than those with mostly carpeting.

And when you think about it, there’s a reason that home builders consider wood flooring an upgrade option.

Kitchen Wooden Floors are Easy to Maintain

One of the best things about hardwood floors is that they are durable and able to withstand many years of use.

There are countless older homes with their original hardwood floors that are still in decent condition. For the most part, hardwood floors just need to be vacuumed and cleaning with a damp mop and approved hardwood floor cleaner.

Hardwood floors are also much easier to keep clean than carpets. Carpets stain and wear out, but hardwood floors can become like new again with a damp rag and wood floor polish.

There Are Many Style Options

Hardwood floor options are numerous and include all kinds of wood including walnut, cherry, and oak.

Home buyers can pick from a variety of finishes as well with some hardwood floor options giving off a traditional look and others providing a more modern vibe. Wood is very versatile and can be sanded and stained to suit the tastes of the individual.

And if you decide that you want to completely scrap your old hardwood flooring look and go for a completely different appearance, your floors don’t need to be replaced.

The look can be drastically changed with professional sanding and re-staining for a fresh update.

They Are Durable

Although many people resist wood floors because of their fear of water damage, the truth is, hardwood floors are actually quite durable.

While it’s true that water damage is a potential problem and can cause wood planks to warp, the likelihood of your floors being damaged by water is slim.

Spills or puddles that are swiftly wiped up won’t cause any damage, it’s the leak that has been left unfixed for too long or the flooded floor that damages wood flooring. Wood is right up there with tile and concrete for long-lasting durability.

They Complement Many Styles

Hardwood floors go well with all interior design styles, so whether your taste is contemporary, rustic, traditional, or modern, hardwood floors will complement your look.

This also means that if you put your house up for sale, potential buyers will know that even if they don’t share your taste in throw pillows or rugs, the wood floors will still suit whatever style they prefer.


Though there are many pros to having hardwood flooring, there are some cons worth considering as well. Here are some of the potential cons to keep in mind:

They Require Refinishing

Every decade or so, your wood floors will need some more extensive maintenance efforts. They’ll need to be sanded down and refinished to keep them protected against serious wear and tear.

This process isn’t exactly inexpensive, and it can take several days to get the job done. If you’re considering kitchen wooden floors, this is something to keep in mind.

They Can Be Expensive

Wood floors are not known for being an inexpensive option. Of course, the overall cost will depend upon what kind of wood is chosen and how much wood is being installed, installs the planks themselves can run from around $4 per square foot up to $12 per square foot.

And wood flooring installation is expensive as well because it takes meticulous care to sand and install each plank with precision.

The good news is, for those trying to keep their budget small, laminate flooring makes a good substitute for natural wood floors. They can mimic the appearance of hardwood floors with a smaller price tag.

Dark Hardwood Is Tricky to Keep Clean Looking

Dark hardwood floors are gorgeous to look at, but they can be very high maintenance for those who own them, especially with kids or pets in the home.

Every little crumb or hair will show up against the dark surface, prompting you to sweep and mop more frequently than you might feel inclined to do with lighter colored floors.

Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring

To make sure you’re enjoying all the pros that hardwood flooring has to offer, consult with a professional hardwood floor provider. They can give you advice on the type of wood and finish that is best suited to your style, your budget, and your needs.

Find Your New Flooring

For a huge variety of hardwood flooring options, check out our choices at Empire Floors. We’ll help you get set up with kitchen wooden floors, hardwood floors for your master bedroom and living room, or any other room in your home where you want to add a touch of class and value.

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