How to Choose the Right Carpet Color

Have you looked through the swatch samples yet? How can there be so many shades of beige carpet?

There really are a lot of options, but for good reason. The carpet color you chose matters.

Whether you’re just moving in, remodeling, or renovating the space for resale, a quick and sensible guide to get a basis for what and how to consider those options will really go a long way.

Read on, for the five points you need to consider.

Consider the Purpose and Use of the Space 

A living room is kind of all purpose. It may be where you relax and read a book, where your kids watch TV, and where you offer appetizers and beverages to guests.

In this space, a smart choice may be an earthy tone in a light shade. Earthy is neutral and comfortable and in a light shade can serve to open up space.

What Kind of Wear Does this Carpet Have In Store?

Make some practical considerations before choosing your color as well. How highly trafficked is the area being carpeted and what kind of damage and wear and tear is it likely to sustain?

First, think location. The highest-traffic areas in the house are downstairs hallways and living rooms.

If the room has a door leading outside, you can expect dirt being carried in. Double or triple that if you have pets. They tend to not wipe off their paws after jumping in mud puddles.

Where your kids play is bound to have spills, too.

Subtly-patterned carpeting is perhaps the safest bet across all these instances. Think shades of tan and gray.

Start with the darker side of the sienna spectrum. Maybe a tan base spotted with gray or a three-tone of tan/brown.

Your Carpet Color Can Set the Mood

It’s true that the colors that surround us affect our mood in many ways.

Darker shades can give the room a warm and cozy feel, while brighter shades will make the room appear large and open.

Consider the Room’s Exposure to Natural Light

When you’re looking at the sample in the store or an online reference, it has ideal lighting and therefore you’re seeing the true color.

Be aware that in a room with little or no natural light coming in, the carpet could end up appearing a few shades darker than it actually is, and darker than the sample you chose.

In the example of the dark room, you might select a light shade and take advantage of its ability to open up actually is space.

Choose a Carpet Color to Complement the Existing Decor

Unless the carpet is the first color choice you’re making for the room, or you plan on outfitting the space with fresh furniture and decoration, then you have to work with what you’ve got.

This includes the furniture, paint and wallpaper, curtains and drapes, art and other displays.

If you’re room mostly consists of grays, blacks, and natural browns then choose a charcoal or darkish sandy carpet color to match.

If the room has an accent piece, then keep the carpet neutral. Two things can’t catch the eye at once. What they can do is distract and discomfort.

What’s Next?

You’re ready to reevaluate the space and look over carpet color samples with these tips in mind. Now, it’s time to move on to the next step.

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