How to Choose the Best Flooring for Dogs

With a pet in your home, as well as your family, you need to take note of pet-friendly décor dos and don’ts.

Choosing flooring that is suitable for both your dog and your family, especially if you have children can be confusing. There are so many considerations to make you could imagine that the perfect floor does not exist. True, picking the right flooring is very tricky.

However, with this guide to choosing the best flooring for dogs and for all your family members, including the dogs, you will definitely pick out the best floor for your dog and family members.

There is a huge variety in the market for all types of flooring; all have different pros and cons.

How to Choose the Best Flooring for Dogs and Your Family

As a family person and a dog lover, you have to prioritize what you need most in flooring. Take into considerations things like scratches, stains, and a lot of dirt.

Therefore, whether you are building your own home or simply remodeling, consider these tips as you make the choice of the best flooring for dogs.

Scratch Resistant

The first thing to consider when choosing a suitable flooring is the resistance it has to scratches. With a dog, you are sure they will scratch and scratch some more. You must find a flooring that will accommodate them and their scratching behavior without easily wearing or looking old and rugged.

A good option is hardwood flooring. However, you must be able to find the best type of wood. Some of your options will include oak wood, maple, or even mahogany or walnut wood.

Settling for chestnut or pinewood is not a good idea. The hardness of the wood determines its ability to withstand scratches from a dog’s nail. Hardwood flooring is also suitable for your family members, especially if you have children.

They will find something to scratch with as well. Another good thing about considering hardwood flooring for your dog and family members is because they are available in a variety of colors, you do not have to worry about your décor clashing with your flooring.

Resistance to Damage

When choosing the suitable flooring for both your dog and other family members, you must consider its resistance to damage. With a dog and children, the damage becomes a part of life.

They will paint on the floors. Scratch them, and even pour anything they get on the same floor.

Tile and stone flooring is a good way to go. The resistance this flooring has to damage is phenomenal. They are stain resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant, extremely easy to clean, and they are available in many varieties.

Unfortunately, they are hard and cold, both of which are unsuitable for your dog and your family, especially the young ones. To find the best floor for your dog is a compromise. You will have to consider your specific needs.

Therefore, if you have a trained furry friend and older children, then stone and tiles are still a good idea. All you need is a small soft blanket for your dog to use when they fall asleep. Hardwood flooring is what most people prefer to stone and tile flooring.

Resistance to Bacteria

Dogs like humans have their moments. Despite their training, sometimes they all have accidents. Cork flooring is a very good option because it is a pet-friendly flooring.

It looks like wood flooring but with more benefits, including the fact that it is microbial. Therefore, if your child or your dog accidentally poops and you do not notice until later, you do not have to worry about bacteria growing there. Cork flooring is also resistant to scratches.

However, after a while, you will notice the marks. It is a good idea to go for a lighter shade; it is harder to see any form of damage. It is also warm which is good news for both your family members and your dog.

For people who have a home office, great news. Cork flooring is sound proof. This means that you can comfortably work in your office upstairs while your dog and children scream their lungs out when they are playing outside or downstairs.

Laminate flooring styles are also a great idea for both your dogs and your family members.

Consider Dog and Family Comfort

Finding warm and soft flooring is a good idea depending on your needs. If you have older children and a well-trained dog, the carpets are a great idea. They are soft and comfortable for both a human and a dog.

They also are uncomfortable for a dog to scratch on, so your pet is likely to find a scratch-friendly area. However, you must go for carpets that are easy to maintain, easily releases pet hair and stains, and durable. Another beauty to carpet tiles is that they are available in different colors and one can easily change them.

This is especially vital since they easily wear and tear. This is why is recommendable if you have older children and a well-trained pet. It is also important to consider the length of your dog’s fur.

If it is short fur then a carpet is a good idea, if it is long and sheds easily, a carpet is not a good idea. Many people are skeptical about carpets; however, there are good carpets in the market that have qualities which are pet-friendly.

Choose the Best Flooring for Dogs and Your Family

Unfortunately, no flooring in the market will meet all your needs. They all have pros and cons. It is important to consider the needs of your dog and your family before you settle on one.

Many flooring options tend to be a bit expensive and replacing them is a bit hectic. The best flooring for dogs and your family should be timeless and very durable.

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