How to Choose the Best Bedroom Carpet in 2019

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, you want decor that creates a warm, comfortable, calm environment. Although carpet may seem like a minor detail, it’s actually one of the most important aspects of a bedroom.

Your carpet is the first thing your feet touch as you slip out of bed in the morning. You want it to feel soft and add to the cozy vibe of your bedroom.

All carpets aren’t the same, however. There’s a wide range of option available.

Before you make a decision, it’s a good idea to research some of those options. Here are some tips for getting the perfect bedroom carpet for your home.

Consider Your Budget

If you are thinking of buying recarpeting, your budget needs to be your top priority.

Carpet prices can vary widely. Costs depend on the quality of fiber material, design, and color.

The price also depends on the square footage of the room you want to carpet, so be sure to measure the room before shopping. There are good options for every budget level.

Just be sure you have your budget in mind so you can find a beautiful carpet that you can afford.

Choose the Fiber

As you look for the right carpet for your space, you’ll see different textures you can choose from. You want to consider whether you prefer natural or synthetic fibers.

Natural fiber, like wool, has a soft, luxurious feel. Natural fibers are more expensive than other fibers.

Synthetic fiber is cheaper and may be a good option if you’re on a tight budget. Nylon carpeting is soft and at the higher end of synthetic fibers.

Polyester carpeting is less expensive and hypoallergenic. This may be a good choice if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.

One drawback of polyester carpets are shedding, so it needs frequent vacuuming at first. From luxury carpets to budget-friendly synthetics, there are lots of options to choose from.

Pay Attention to the Texture

As you walk across your new carpet, you want it to feel warm, soft, and cozy. A carpet with great texture can add to the decor of your bedroom.

If you want a bedroom carpet with a luxurious look and feel, Saxony pile carpet has a fluffy, plush look. Velvet pile has a soft, luxurious look as well, and it’s also a popular choice for bedrooms.

While Saxony pile has long, loose fibers, velvet pile fibers are short and dense. They are both attractive choices but offer different looks.

If a shag style carpet is more your style, you will need to vacuum it often in the first few months.

Color Matters

If you want to be bold with carpet color, go for it. But make sure your carpet color blends well with your bedroom decor.

With neutral walls, a rich shade of blue, green, or red adds visual appeal and dimension to a room. A patterned rug can also spice up an otherwise ordinary bedroom.

Most people choose neutral colors like beige, gray, or tan for bedroom carpeting. These colors work with most decors and are more relaxing than bold colors.

You may want to avoid very light or white carpeting if you have children or pets.

Maintenance and Cleaning

No one wants a carpet that’s going to be a nightmare to clean. It’s a good idea to consider the ease of caring for it.

Your bedroom is a special place where you rest at the end of a long day. You spend a lot of your time in this room, and you want it to be a healthy, clean space.

You want a carpet that feels soft and comfortable, but the fabric should also be easy for you to clean and maintain.

The Kids’ Bedroom

If you are thinking of carpeting a child’s bedroom, you want to choose a carpet with a high durability rate. You want your kids to play on the carpet, and you want it to last.

Kids love bright colors, so you may want to be creative with color choice. Before you choose carpet for a child’s room, consider their age, the room decor, and their level of activity.

Environmental Concerns

If a “green” home is your style, you may want to buy a carpet that’s made with natural, renewable materials. Most carpets are produced from non-renewable petroleum, but renewable carpets include natural materials like wool, seagrass, and jute.

Another concern is that some carpets may trap mold and dust that release toxins into the air. To prevent this, you can spray the carpet with a nontoxic finishing agent.

Carpeting Pros

  • Carpet cuts down on ambient noise.
  • The thicker the carpet, the more insulation it provides.
  • Carpet provides softness and warmth that tile and wood cannot
  • Carpet is easy to care for. A quick vacuum does the trick.
  • May last for many years.

Carpeting Cons

  • Nothing lasts forever, and that includes carpet.
  • Carpet can stain although today’s carpets are very stain resistant.
  • Carpet can snag and may need some extra care.
  • Cats may see new carpet as a big cat toy. A little training will help.

Bedroom Carpet Adds to Your Decor

Beautiful bedroom carpet can help complete the look of your bedroom. Knowing how to choose the right carpet will help you make the best decision for your home.

Materials, color, and texture all make a difference when you’re shopping for carpet. Be sure to pay attention to the details and ask questions when you are shopping.

There are so many options to choose from, so no matter your budget, you should be able to find the perfect carpet for your bedroom.