How to Choose a Tile Pattern for Your Floors

Ready to give your home a makeover? Or maybe you’ve moved into a new house and want to make it feel like home? Small touches, such as choosing the right tile pattern, can breathe new life into your favorite rooms and enhance their appeal.

Nowadays, floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of models available, from ceramic and porcelain tiles to marble tiles.

However, you need to look beyond materials and choose a pattern that matches your home decor as well as your personality and style.

Floor tile patterns range from simplistic to sophisticated. You can opt for a basic design or one with intricate details, geometric shapes, and vivid colors. It all comes down to your budget and preferences.

Looking for inspiration? Use these tips to choose a tile pattern that will make your floors look amazing!

Research Your Options

As we’ve mentioned earlier, floor tiles come in a wide range of styles and patterns. You want to pick one that complements your home decor. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Basket-weave
  • Herringbone
  • Cobblestone
  • Mosaics
  • Stack bond
  • Windmill
  • Stretcher bond
  • English bond

Each option has pros and cons and can be easier or more difficult to maintain than others.

The herringbone tile pattern, for instance, is subtle yet sophisticated. It makes easier to separate certain parts of your space from the rest and highlight specific areas.

The downside is that floor tiles with this pattern can be quite challenging to install. Additionally, if your room is already heavily decorated, the herringbone pattern can make it look crowded.

Discuss your options with a flooring specialist so you can make an informed decision. An interior designer can help too.

Consider the Location

Think about where you’re going to install floor tiles. The kitchen, for example, has different requirements than your bedroom or living room.

Marble tiles, hexagon tiles, small tiles, and hopscotch tiles are all an excellent choice for your kitchen. Mosaic tiles are ideal for accent areas and fairly dry areas in general. Basket-weave patterns work best for contemporary rooms.

Choose One Show Stopper

With so many floor tile patterns out there, it can be difficult to choose just one. Remember the old saying Less is more.

Whether you plan to install tiles in the bathroom, living room, or hallway, stick to one pattern for your floor. Make sure it blends seamlessly with the other elements in your room.

If you prefer to use several patterns, pick a bolder one to highlight specific areas and keep the rest simple.

Factor In Your Budget

Different tile patterns involve different installation and maintenance costs. That’s why it’s important to consider your budget and determine how much you’re willing to invest in the long run. 

Floor tiles made from natural stone, for example, are more difficult to maintain as they tend to hold on grim and dirt. They also carry a higher price tag and can be expensive to replace.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles, by comparison, are more affordable and require little maintenance.

Select a Tile Pattern That Matches Your Style and Home Decor

As you see, there are countless options when it comes to choosing a floor tile pattern. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your needs and budget.

Research the various designs on the market, compare prices, and browse magazines for inspiration. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the different flooring types and their requirements!