Carpet: Pros, Cons, and Cost

You might think that with so many other options on the market these days, carpet is going out of fashion, out of style, and out of use. But nothing could be further from the truth. Carpet is still a popular choice in homes for a variety of important reasons. It’s the classic choice, and with carpet, your home can look fantastic.

The carpet industry as we know it today began in 1791. It was at this point that William Sprague began the first woven carpet mill in Philadelphia. More was opened in the 1800s. It was in 1839 that Erastus Bigelow, created the power loom for weaving carpets and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, of course, there are a variety of different types of carpets you can choose from. You can get a deep carpet or something a little thinner depending on your preference. You can also get carpets made of different materials and styles.

There is carpet with patterns and carpet that can be laid down in tiles. This is perhaps one of the reasons why carpet has endured the test of time in the modern home.

You will notice carpeting from show homes that you might go and see when you think about purchasing a new build. You’ll also find that carpet is being laid down in older homes just before they are put up for sale.

There are a couple of rooms where the carpet is not typically used anymore and has never really been popular. Typically these are rooms with a high chance of spillage or issues with cleaning up.

But a new carpet can also look like anything. It can come in different colors, shades, and styles which will mean it will suit any decor choice.

As with any type of flooring, there are both pros and cons to be aware of. Let’s look at some of the benefits and issues that you will encounter when you decide to purchase a carpet to style or add decor to your home.

Pros of Carpet

Choose A Range Of Colors And Shades

When you purchase hardwood floors or hard flooring in general, you are typically tied down by what shades and colors you can choose. These may not fit with the rest of the style for your room. With carpet, you can have everything from a sunny yellow, to a royal rouge or a lush lilac. It’s entirely your choice which one you pick for your home.

Adding Texture

One of the biggest benefits of using carpet in a room is that it does add a certain level of texture or an extra layer to the design. The same cannot be true for hardwood flooring. While hardwood will make a home look minimalistic, carpet provides a certain level of cozy quality to the design that many homeowners love. It’s perfect for a living area or family room if you want it to look welcoming and warm.

Great Insulation

Of course, since we mentioned warmth, it’s worth mentioning the insulation benefit that carpet provides. With carpet, you will be able to trap more heat in the room and block any potential cracks or crevices in the floor that could bring in a nasty draft. Without carpet, the floors will be bare, and therefore, you can expect a certain level of heat loss, particularly in apartments where different levels are often quite close together.

Blocking Sound

Yes, carpet certainly can provide a nice muffler for any noises which is why it’s the perfect choice whether you are decorating an apartment or the upstairs of your home. If you don’t want to hear feet traipsing across the floor upstairs, then the carpet is the answer to your prayers. But it won’t just shield your ears from noisy footsteps. Carpet it’s also fantastic if want to make sure that anything from music to speaking is muffled in the rooms below. Without carpet, a teenager’s room can be an echo chamber for loud music.

Bumps And Falls

You might be worried about the issue of trips and slips, particularly if you have young children. There is certainly a difference between falling on the carpet and falling on hardwood floors, particularly for young children. You are far less likely to have a serious injury on carpet compared to hardwood. As well as this, you are also less likely to fall on the carpet. Why? Hardwood floors or laminate flooring can be slippy. The carpet isn’t and provides a higher level of grip. This is why you will often have some form of rug in the bathroom to stop people from slipping over.

Fewer Signs Of Wear And Tear

How does flooring age? Well, for carpet, the answer is probably not as bad as you think. Buying a carpet for your home is a lot like purchasing a wooden table rather than one made of glass. Glass tables show every mark and issue. The same is true for hardwood flooring. You’ll see dents, scratches, and chips. With carpet, issues are far more discreet, and they are easier to cover up. It’s unlikely that a problem with carpet is going to affect the entire room, but it could with hardwood. Particularly, if you have pets who will leave their claw marks across it. Or kids who will run around, scratching it. Carpet is, believe it or not, more durable.

Cons of Carpet

Cleaning Trouble

You will have a tough time cleaning carpet, that much we can guarantee. It’s tricky to get any stain out of the carpet, and that’s what you need to consider. Especially if you are buying a carpet for a house with pets or children, both of which are likely to make a mess. There are ways to get stains out of the carpet of course. But it does take time, money, and effort which might be more than enough to make you think twice about committing to a purchase. You may even need to invest in the services of a professional to clean the carpet for you which again, is going to cost you.

Not Suitable For Every Room

It’s true, you don’t want carpet in rooms where there might be spills, ruling out the bathroom, the kitchen, and the utility room. If you want a room to be easy to clean and have a low level of maintenance, then the carpet is not the answer. Instead, you need to think about something like laminate or tile flooring.

Tough To Lay Down

It’s hard to lay down the carpet in your home or a particular room. Some flooring fits together like a jigsaw puzzle, and it isn’t stuck down either which means it’s easy to remove. Carpet doesn’t fit into this category at all. It needs to be carefully measured and laid down to make sure that there aren’t any bumps or other issues. As such, you do need to consider hiring a professional, particularly if you have very little experience in this area.

Susceptible To Heavy Item Damage

When you put a sofa or chair on hardwood or laminate flooring, you don’t need to worry about it leaving a noticeable mark. It’s not going to cause a massive dent in the wood. However, left for long enough, a sofa will cause dents in the carpet at each point where it rests on the ground. This can completely spoil the look of the room, and over time, the mark will become permanent. As such, it’s a significant sign of wear and tear that you must be aware of before you commit to this choice.

You can get protectors for each of the legs of a chair or sofa. However, they will still leave a certain dent if they are heavy enough.


Carpet is like any other material. This means that in heavy sunlight it may fade. As such, you do have to be careful in the summer that you don’t leave the curtains open with the sun on them for too long. Otherwise, you could find that the shade of the carpet changes over time.

Of course, exposure to the sun isn’t the only issue that could change the shade of the carpet. You do need to think about the build-up of dirt and dust as well. The carpet must be vacuumed regularly and on occasion thoroughly cleaned to prevent the buildup of dirt that will become difficult to remove.

Feel free to read our post about the lifespan of carpets in your home for more detailed information.

Carpet Cost Concerns

How much will the carpet cost you compared to other options? While it does depend on the type of carpeting that you choose to purchase, you will typically find that carpeting is a fairly cheap option when decorating a room in your home. Certainly, it can be found on the market for far less than hardwood flooring. However, laminate flooring may undercut the cost every so slightly.

When thinking about cost, do remember, that unless you are skilled with DIY, you will need someone to lay it down for you. You might also need to hire help to clean out the room. The room does need to be empty before you can lay down the carpet to avoid creases and other issues.

Aside from this, you do need to think about the cost of the material itself. Remember, a deeper carpet will typically cost more than a thinner carpet. It depends on the level of thread that you want in your home. A thicker carpet provides a more luxurious feel and aesthetic but it will come with a higher price tag.

Carpet Customer Reviews

On average, customers love the carpet provided for their homes. They like the feel, the soft padding it provides under the food. They adore the life it brings to a room. Without carpet, a room can look a little too bare and desolate. With carpeting, you can complement the rest of the decor spectacularly.

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There’s also nothing stopping you from using the same type of carpeting in almost every room of the home. This can look rather magnificent because it allows the decor to flow from area to area and remain consistently stylish.

Customers are also delighted with the practical benefits that carpet brings as well. Noise reduction, a higher level of insulation, and a more comfortable, fall-friendly floor are all benefits that customers mention when they buy carpet. It’s why it’s still a number one choice whether you’re decorating a brand new home or completing a remodel on an old one. With carpet, you can add the fresh hint of style that you want and make sure that your home looks fantastic.

Types of Carpet

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