These Creative Flooring Ideas are Like Nothing You’ve Seen

These Creative Flooring Ideas are Insanely Awesome

The 2017 International Surface Event in Las Vegas just concluded days ago. From January 29-February 1, vendors and designers from all over the world gathered to share the latest materials and styles for covering furniture, counters, floors and more.

Wondering what creative flooring ideas will be showing up in stylish homes this coming year? What was trending at the expo?

Let’s find out!

This Year’s New Ideas for Creative Flooring

The hot trends at this year’s International Surface Event included innovations in color, texture, materials and style. Topping the list of sought after flooring materials were those that were durable and eco-friendly. Also, recycled and renewable materials will continue trending in the years to come.

Color made an entry in a huge way in 2017. When you apply paints and graphic prints, your floor can become a work of art. Light colors can brighten up a dark space while darker shades can create an atmosphere of calm.

New laminates introduced this year featured more complex textures and details to emulate distressed wood, shiny metallics, rough stone, and other surfaces.

A look at the show’s catalog reveals that traditional standbys like tile or linoleum have seen major upgrades in recent years. These products are available in an array of different shapes, sizes, and textures.

New technologies have made these materials better and more versatile. Once thing is certain, these aren’t your parents’ floor coverings!

Have we inspired you to consider some new options for your home’s floors? Below are a few other creative flooring ideas for you to try.

Creating Fantasy Floorscapes With Epoxy

Have you ever been to a bar or restaurant that had counters or tables sealed with epoxy? You know the kind. There are usually stamps, cards, or even coins sealed under that clear epoxy surface.

Some epoxy layers are so thick that three-dimensional objects appear to float in the clear, hard coating.

You can seal your floor using a similar method.

Some designers even use epoxy sealants to create multi-layered floors that look 3D. They incorporate multiple layers of epoxy, different colors, and images, to make floors that can trick your eyes into thinking you are walking over a desert or wading through the ocean.

Just take a look at some of the creative flooring using epoxy featured on! Doesn’t that dolphin look real?

Express Your Personal Vibe With Patterns and Textures

The variety of colors and shapes available in traditional flooring materials such as tile or wood make these floor coverings an excellent choice to create a patterned floor. Alternatively, you can use materials ranging from coins to fabrics to create your design.

Recycled materials can become a unique and creative flooring with just a little imagination. Did you know that you can cover approximately one square foot of floor with 120 bottle caps?

If you can’t get a local bar to donate their beer caps to your cause, maybe you can try wine corks instead.

Your Floor: Your Choice

So, do you love order, straight lines, and predictable patterns? Or are you all about the element of surprise?

Remember, whether you are using wood, tile, carpet, or laminate, you don’t have to use just one material to create your designed. Mix things up by framing your carpeted floor with a band of tile.

Or, alternate your pattern using different sized and shaped laminates. With the help of one of Empire Floors local professionals, you can create a one of a kind design that is as unique as you.