Choosing the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas

When choosing to Carpet for a home or business property, too many people make the mistake of opting for one ‘because it’s so pretty’ instead of determining whether it will be suitable to be used as high traffic carpet or not. Choosing the best carpet for high traffic areas need not be a challenging or overwhelming task – especially when the advice mentioned below is taken into account.

Opt for Dark Colors
Anyone who is in the process of trying to determine what the best carpet for high traffic areas will be should consider the fact that high traffic will undoubtedly equal a tremendous amount of dirt as well as wear and tear. As a result, it is strongly recommended that darker colors be chosen, such as dark gray, navy blue, darker browns, burgundy or even shades of charcoal. Patterned carpeting styles can be a great option here as well. This will help ensure that the slightest bit of dirt doesn’t show on it, meaning that it will not have to be cleaned or vacuumed too often – both of which have the ability to wear out any type of carpet extremely quickly.

Seek Out Hard Wearing Options
These days, there are many different types of carpeting available – many of which can be classified as the best carpet for high traffic areas. Two of the most popular options when it comes to choosing high traffic carpeting include Berber and Frieze carpets – both of them are relatively affordable and can withstand a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Other options can include Triexta – a new type of fiber that is extremely resistant to soiling and staining, regardless of how often it is vacuumed or cleaned, and basically any form of carpeting that has been manufactured from polyester or nylon.

Spend as Much as Possible
When looking for the best carpet for high traffic areas, many property owners make the mistake of also looking for the absolutely cheapest carpet they can find. While this can save money at the time of installation, cheap carpeting will not be able to withstand the rigors of high foot traffic and/or excessive cleaning to keep it looking good. In addition, many cheaper carpets will fade and stretch over time, which will not only look unsightly; stretched carpeting can pose a falling or tripping hazard, especially for elderly folk. As a result, it is best to spend as much as can be comfortably afforded at the time – this will result in a product being installed that will last 20 years or more.

The adage of ‘the best carpet for high traffic areas will be one that is unattractive’ is certainly not true anymore. In fact, there are numerous colors and carpet types available these days, most of which are extremely attractive an available in a wide range of colors as well. As a result, there is sure to be at least a few different options that will be suitable for virtually any home or business property.