Cheap Flooring Ideas for Almost Any Project

In a perfect world, you would be able to pick your dream floor without even considering the price. Unfortunately, in reality, things don’t work this way and price is a chief consideration for most of us when it comes to choosing flooring for our homes. However, don’t fret just yet. We have good news for you! There is actually a wide range of affordable and cheap flooring options that look anything but, well, cheap! Below we detail some of the best cheap flooring ideas that will work for whatever home renovation project you may have in mind.

Cheap Flooring Options

Option 1: Laminate

If you have your heart set on the timeless elegance of hardwood floors, but don’t have room in your budget, it may be time to consider laminate flooring. Available in a variety of styles that mimic classic hardwood floors, at a fraction of the cost, wood-look laminate flooring is a reasonably-priced alternative to traditional hardwood floors, oftentimes ringing in at less than $1 per square foot. Aside from being an attractive cheap flooring idea, laminate flooring also has several advantages over classic hardwoods, such as being easy to install and low maintenance.

Option 2: Ceramic Tile

One of the most popular cheap flooring ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, and any area of the home that requires waterproof flooring, ceramic tile is a great option for homeowners on a budget. Many people are surprised to learn that ceramic tile isn’t always expensive and can actually quite cheap, depending on the option you choose. In fact, you can purchase attractive ceramic tiles for as low as $0.50 per square foot! A long-lasting, moisture-resistant flooring option that is also hypoallergenic, ceramic tile is a great option for homeowners that don’t want to spend a fortune on new floors.

Option 3: Luxury Vinyl Planks

Don’t let the word “luxury” fool you into thinking that this vinyl flooring is out of your price range. Like any flooring option, luxury vinyl planks can be quite costly, however, there are actually quite a few highly affordable luxury vinyl flooring options that won’t break the bank. Luxury vinyl planks are a great cheap flooring alternative for homeowners that love the look of hardwoods, as they are available in styles that mimic pretty much any style of hardwood you can imagine. Want the look of natural stone like slate, travertine, or terracotta? Luxury vinyl is also available in tiles that provide a realistic alternative to costly natural stone. One of our favorite things about luxury vinyl planks and tiles is that they can easily be placed over existing floors, cutting down on installation costs.

Option 4: Carpet Tiles

A cheap flooring option for bedrooms, carpet tiles are an easy-to-install and budget-friendly choice for homeowners that want to save some serious cash. One of the cheapest flooring options on the market, carpet tiles can be purchased for as little as $0.50 per square foot of material. Since carpet isn’t the most durable flooring option, we suggest saving this cost-effective flooring option for rooms that receive less foot traffic, like bedrooms or home offices. The good news is, that in the case of damage, carpet tiles are super easy to replace — simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one!

Option 5: Rubber Tiles

Although rubber tiles are not the most attractive option, they are an extremely cheap flooring idea for playrooms, basements, and home gyms. This look is certainly not for every room of the house but is an economical idea for rooms where aesthetic is not important. Added benefits of rubber tiles are that they are durable and easy to maintain, both of which are factors that will save you additional money in the long term.

Option 6: Brick Pavers

For those that love a rustic feel, brick pavers are a thrifty flooring option that will add style to your home while saving you some major money. You can purchase brick pavers for as little as $0.50 a piece or even try to salvage materials from a demolition. The downside of brick pavers is that they can be difficult to install, which can result in more costly installation costs.

Option 7: Cork

If you are looking for an eco-friendly flooring option that is also cost-effective, you may want to consider cork floors. Although cork flooring is available for purchase at a variety of price points (anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot), if you opt for a cheap option and install it yourself (which is easy to do!) it is a cheap flooring option that will last for years to come.

As you can see, a tight budget doesn’t have to limit your creativity when it comes to renovating your home. There is a wide range of cheap flooring options that don’t compromise on style or quality. Whether you are converting a basement to a playroom, sprucing up a fixer-upper, replacing damaged flooring, or just in the mood for a change, you can’t go wrong with any of these cheap flooring options.