Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Cheap Carpet Cleaner

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new, cleaned carpet, is there? We spend time every week vacuuming our carpets, mopping our floors and getting them in tip-top shape for a home to feel proud of, and we love to do it. Cleaning is cited as one of the best ways to reduce stress, but when you’ve spent so long using only a vacuum cleaner, it’s easy to be tempted to try out one of those carpet cleaners for rent. They’re designed to remove the dirt that’s at the deepest core of your carpet, which means that the bits you always thought you were vacuuming? You didn’t quite reach those!

When the house is full of people, including children, and pets, it’s a guarantee that your carpets are going to be more susceptible to stains and ground-in dirt. It doesn’t mean that your home is necessarily ‘dirty,’ but it certainly does mean that you’re going to have to have a turn on the best carpet cleaner out there to see whether there is a lot more to your carpet than your vacuum has been letting on. Finding a cheap carpet cleaner that will get the job done is the easy bit, but there are still some things that you need to know before you go ahead and buy one.

Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

The very first thing that you need to know before you go and buy a cheap carpet cleaner is that they are nothing like an upright vacuum cleaner. You need to use your regular vacuum first before you go ahead and use a carpet cleaner; otherwise you’re just going to be further washing dirt through the carpet. The whole point of buying a cheap cleaner is so that you have less of an issue with your carpet, not more, so make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you get started in using yours. Let’s take a look at the top things to keep in mind when you are choosing your new cheap carpet cleaner.

  1. They Weigh A Lot

You know what it’s like to lug a vacuum cleaner around, but unless you’ve experienced it before with a carpet cleaner, there’s a whole new weight to get used to. Carpet cleaners are very heavy when they’re empty, and they’re even more substantial than that when they’re full. Adding the cleaning agents to a new carpet cleaner can add up to fifteen pounds of extra weight to the tool itself.

This should be a consideration for you when you choose to buy one because there is a chance that you need to have someone use it for you if you’re unable to carry much weight. The largest cleaners out there can clock in the weight at around fifty-eight pounds, whereas the smallest one is still twenty pounds when full. It’s worth doing your research into the right carpet cleaner before you go ahead and part with your cash.

  1. Cleaning Solution Is Cleaning Solution

There are an awful lot of cleaning solutions to choose from when you buy your cheap carpet cleaner, and many manufacturers recommend solutions from their brand when you use their carpet cleaner – of course! In all honesty, your carpet cleaner isn’t going to break down if you choose to use another brand of solution in yours.

The cleaning performance of a carpet cleaner is not in the cleaning agents used; it’s in the technique of the machine and the way that it works. There are specific detergents out there for different types of stain, but you don’t need to pay out any more money than usual for just a regular carpet clean. Be wary of anyone telling you that you have to buy a specific cleaner for a particular model – it’s just to earn some cash from you.

  1. Always Check Your Accessories

There are some models of carpet cleaner out there that have just one central tank for both the water and the cleaning solution. It’s always more convenient, however, to have two separate tanks: one for water, one for the cleaning solution. There are some cheap carpet cleaners out there that have a tank that will premix the water and cleaning solution for you so that you don’t have to measure out a full tank every time you want to clean the carpets, which is pretty nifty!

There are other features and accessories that you should look for, namely a handle to help you to move the machine around the house with you. You can choose a carpet cleaner that will only clean carpets, or you could pick a cleaner that will also clean hard floors like wood and tile. Some cleaners out there have longer hoses than others, and if you want one that’s going to clean the areas that are hard to reach, then you need to think about getting one with a much longer hose.

These are massive machines that you’ll be using, and you don’t want to tug a heavy kit WITH water and have the whole thing fall down a flight of stairs.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Isn’t A Quick Job

When you go to vacuum your carpets, you grab it out of the cupboard, and you are ready to go. With carpet cleaning, it’s a little more complicated. Here are the steps:

  • Move the furniture out of the way of the area that you plan to clean.
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
  • Fill the carpet cleaning tanks with cleaning solution and fresh water.

A carpet cleaner is used in the same way a vacuum cleaner is, in that you push and pull it in the same way. When you pull back toward you, you squeeze the trigger. When you are on a dry cycle, you release the trigger.

Once you’ve completed all the steps you need to unplug the machine, clean the tank – you’ll be shocked at the dirt! – And remove any debris from the brushes. Owning a carpet cleaner can be a genius move on your part, so make sure that you choose yours wisely!