Cheap Basement Carpet Ideas

In most cases, customers who are looking to purchase carpets for various areas in their homes will be looking for the most affordable options possible. This is especially true when it comes to basements because more people than ever are looking for cheap basement carpet ideas that are going to be durable as well as attractive. The good news is that there are a few great options available for homeowners who cannot afford expensive basement carpeting.

3 Basement Carpet Ideas Worth Considering

Carpet Squares

When it comes to some of the more cost-effective basement carpet ideas, not many people remember that carpet squares are still widely available and ideal for this purpose. Carpet squares are available in a wide range of colors and carpeting types, meaning that there is usually something available to suit every budget (and basement, of course). Homes, where the basement is only going to be used occasionally or just for storage purposes, can normally use some of the cheaper carpet squares; however, if the basement is going to be finished properly and used as additional living space, it will be better to purchase squares that are of a higher quality, as they will be more durable.

End of Ranges

May carpet companies will have a few, end of range carpeting rolls or even large area rugs that they are struggling to sell because they may not be the best colors or there may not be enough left to cover a larger floor area. If the basement in question is small enough and the homeowner is not too fussy about choosing a particular color, he or she will be able to obtain this type of carpeting at heavily discounted prices. In cases where customers are willing to pay cash on the spot for their new carpeting, they may even be able to negotiate further discounts on some end of range products.

Pre-installed Carpeting

Some carpeting companies provide customers with a guarantee that if they are not happy with their new carpet installation for any reason, it will be replaced with a different type or even color of carpet – no questions asked. If a customer has a company close by to them that offers this service, they may be able to inquire about purchasing carpets that have been previously installed elsewhere. In most cases, this carpeting will have been used for less than 30 days so it will be virtually new – the only difference is that it will most likely be steeply discounted, as it cannot be re-sold as new carpeting under any circumstances.

In some cases, carpet companies may even offer seasonal discounts on some products in order to make room for new colors or designs to be sold at a later stage. When looking for cheap basement carpet ideas, customers will usually be able to score excellent deals on some of the above-mentioned types of floor coverings. This will enable them to stay within their allocated budget while still being able to install some form of carpet in their basements.

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