Can Dogs Scratch Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Dogs can sometimes scratch poorer quality vinyl plank flooring.

A question that is often asked by homeowners who are shopping around for new flooring is, “Will my dog’s nails scratch this type of flooring or not?” There are a few concerns that vinyl plank flooring could become scratched and damaged over time if there are dogs living in a home. 

In most cases though, vinyl plank flooring can be a good choice for pet owners. Modern varieties of this flooring are able to mimic the appearance of hardwood or eve stone flooring without breaking your budget. This flooring is usually a good option if you have pets that spend a lot of time indoors. 

Vinyl Flooring and your Pets

All types of vinyl flooring will usually be great options if you have indoor pets – provided that you opt for some of the costlier, luxury or premium options. Many of the cheaper vinyl plank flooring options will not have as good quality of a protective layer on top, meaning that your pet’s claws could cause damage to them in little to no time. 

The most important aspects to consider when laying vinyl plank flooring in a home where there are pets are quality and installation. When searching through the various options, it’s recommended that you spend as much as you comfortably afford on the flooring itself, as this will ensure that you obtain a decent quality product. 

Once you’ve settled on your choice of vinyl planks, it’s important to ensure that they are going to be correctly installed. Poor installation will result in the gaps between each plank being bigger or smaller than they should be – which can cause premature wear and tear and even water damage. In many cases, the cost of installation can be included in your purchase price – depending on which store you’ve purchased your flooring from. 

A Durable Option

Most of the better quality vinyl plank flooring options will hold up quite well against pet-related accidents and wear and tear from claws. Many varieties of this flooring are also highly water-resistant, meaning that spills can be mopped up without leaving a trace of damage – provided that this is done quickly. Some of the costlier varieties of vinyl planks are even advertised as being waterproof.

Enjoy Underfoot Comfort

Another aspect of vinyl plank flooring that is worth considering is that it will provide more underfoot comfort for your pets than solid hardwood or tiles – this flooring can also be warmer than tiles, which is advantageous if you live in a colder part of the country. Your pets will also prefer to lay down on vinyl plank flooring instead of solid wood or tiles because of the comfort factor. 

Budget Friendly Flooring

Along with being an excellent option for homes with pets, vinyl plank flooring is highly affordable – even if you opt for higher end products. In many cases, suppliers provide discount coupons and/or other special offers from time to time – especially when it’s time to bring in the new colors and designs each year. This means that you could obtain fabulous discounts if you’re willing to purchase a color that is end of range or has been discontinued and replaced with new options. 

If you are in search of a flooring option that is not only budget friendly, but also pet friendly, vinyl plank flooring will be an excellent choice – provided that you don’t search for the cheapest possible options. Vinyl plank flooring that has been correctly installed and is maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations have been known to last for as long as eight to 10 years in some cases. 

Before choosing any vinyl plank flooring, it’s recommended that you shop around and inquire about guarantees or warranties that are being provided – this will ensure that you get the best value for money possible.