5 Hardwood Flooring Trends for the New Year

Flooring trends change from time to time. The U.S. flooring industry was valued at $20.526 billion as of 2016. You’ll surely agree that this is a monstrous figure. So, what’s fueling such a huge value? It’s certainly the customers.

The ever-changing consumers’ needs and interests in interior design are the reasons behind this growth. Homeowners want to experiment with new ideas and flooring trends to see what works for the homes. You certainly don’t want to be left behind, so don’t pick an outdated trend for your home this New Year.

Many homeowners are looking into hardwood flooring to find an option that will give their houses a fresh feel. The options are many, and some are loved more than others. So, if you need a wooden floor too, here are great flooring trends you simply can’t overlook.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Ultra dark hardwood floors

These dark floors have been on trend for the past few years, and the popular options for many homeowners include ebony, Jacobean, dark brown and Espresso.

Blends of ebony and jacobean or ebony and walnut seem to be the most liked floors for many.

Dark hardwood floors are trendy because of their sophisticated and chic finish that lends a rustic yet appealing feel to any space.

Due to their dark hues, they need to be styled with the right colors to create a stunning color theme. Any wrong color and you will have a space that feels heavy, sad and dark.

When choosing the right furniture, consider options that match the floor but with lighter shades. For example, lighter wood furniture such as cherry and maple provide excellent contrast.

A patterned rug with light walls will also make your space look vibrant. If you love color, choose an option you like such as yellow or beige and paint the walls. Then, echo the color in a rug or kilim to create a welcoming feel.

Ideally, you should try to add colors that allow your floor to stand out unique and stylish.

2. Blonde hardwood floors

Light or blonde floors bring beauty and comfort to any space. It all depends on how you choose your colors and plan the layout.

This is one of the popular flooring trends as homeowners seem to fall in love with the crisp, clean look of the floor.

These floors will work well with white too, and they allow you to create an open-concept living room with a gray or white sectional sofa and a patterned rug.

Try taupe accents and deep purples to enjoy a contemporary atmosphere and complete the room with furniture sets in dark colors.

Blondes also work fine in the kitchen, and you can pair them with dark colors, copper tones, creamy options or pale tan tones. Your focus should be on the cabinets and kitchen furniture.

For the ceiling, white is a great option as it helps to balance the feeling in your kitchen.

Whether you choose an oil-based poly or natural wood, matte and satin are some of the cherished hardwood flooring trends. They are also easy to style.

3. Gray floors

A few years ago, people used to contemplate that gray options won’t be in the market for long. But this color is resilient and tough; it’s going on strong.

And homeowners just love its calm and relaxed feel.

This neutral color is even easy to style.

Again, white can be your first choice for walls here. Generally, white is a great color to set a peaceful mood.

For your living room, you can choose to add a bit of light brown to the mix with furniture sets.

Gray on gray is also a nice interior design theme. Typically, you would want to have the walls gray with gray modern sectional sofa. Then add white pillows and a bit of black to complete the look.

Another great idea for your living room is to have white walls and add a nice blue effect using wall arts and glasses.

For your kitchen, gray hardwood floors can match well with white cabinetry and walnut shelving to enjoy a nice toned-down vibe.

Light gray floors with darker gray walls and a subtle touch of white chairs and cabinets will go a long way to give you a great space for prepping meals.

4. Distressed and weathered wooden floors

Some people just love the charm of a rustic and vintage wooden floor.

It usually provides a laid-back setting that is great to enjoy a peaceful day indoors.

So, it is one of the flooring trends that you can’t afford to skip.

You can buy distressed wooden floors or consider making DIY ones if you want. There are different options you can use including oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry.

For these floors, blue is your friend, and you can choose a shade that you want depending on the theme you have in mind.

The good thing with distressed floors is that they are versatile, so they offer limitless styling opportunities. You can match them to most interior design colors and get a great looking set for your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

You can play around with your favorite colors and arts to see what look suits your rooms. Also, don’t forget the power of lighting.

Also, don’t forget the power of lighting. Lampshades, floor lamps or ceiling lights can be useful to help you focus light where you need it most.

5. Wide plank flooring

Choosing the plank size is one of the key flexibility that hardwood flooring offers.

Wide plank options have always been a craze for many, and they are still one of the key hardwood flooring trends.

People love them because they give your floor a somewhat a complete look that feels more inviting. You can also add a few of the strip options to add a pattern that you love.

For those who don’t love the look of distressed woods, go for harder options such as maple, white oak, red oak, and ash. Also, consider choosing a finish that will match the grain of your preferred wood.

You can also weigh the benefits of installing unfinished or prefinished options. The advantage of unfinished options is that you can work with a professional on-site to get a finish that suits your home’s design.

Wide plank floors can come in varied hues and finishes to offer you the right option for your space. Matching the floors to your decor and theme is just as easy as the rest of wood flooring options.

How to choose the right hardwood flooring

Now that you know some of the top flooring trends for the new year, make sure you choose the right wood that lasts long.

As you already know, there are various choices for wood, and they vary in grain patterns, durability, and color. Cherry, maple and oak flooring are the most popular options because of their hardness, so they are likely to last long.

If you have a busy home, make sure to pick a type of wood with the highest level of hardness. Red oak tends to withstand wear and tear while other options such as pine usually show dents and scratches.

The other key benefit of solid hardwoods is that they are great for pets and kids. So, you can easily sand out and refinish the wood to remove any scratches caused by pets’ claws and kids’ toys.

Most hardwood floors come prefinished, which means you spend less time to install your new floor. Factory-applied finishing tend to last longer and usually come with a warranty

But if you want an unfinished option, be prepared to handle the finishing project with fumes and dust.

The texture of the wood is another great pointer to keep in mind. You can opt for a shiny and glossy option to create a contemporary feel, or you can choose to add a timeworn character to your space with rustic woods.

Prepare for your installation

Keep up with the new and thrilling hardwood flooring trends by planning for the project.

If you are uncertain about the whole hardwood flooring thing, consider working with a flooring expert to help you make sound decisions.

First, you will need to review your current interior design. If you are into the overall theme and style, you may need to tweak the design, theme, and colors to suit your new floor.

After selecting your ideal wood, take the time to understand the installation costs. Installation for prefinished floors may range between $1.7 to $8.69 per square foot while for unfinished options is between $2.8 and $12.7 per square foot.

Ensure to work with your contractor through every step of the installation project to get a completed look that you want.

Sweeping and vacuuming are the easiest ways to keep the floors clean. Occasionally, you can use a mild cleaner and damp mop to remove stains.

Also, take into account the maintenance needs for your floor, especially if it’s likely for separation to occur between the planks. Some woods may require patching to keep their original feel and look.

Or, you can just avoid maintaining the floors if you love a distressed look.

Hardwood flooring is a trendy option for just about any homeowner. You will certainly love it!