5 Easy Ways to Protect Laminate Floors

But that doesn’t mean they have to scratch, scuff, and fall apart as quickly as little feet and furry paws can manage. There are ways to protect your laminate floors that will help them last quite a bit longer.

We’re on a mission here. And the mission is to help you keep those floors beautiful and lasting as long as possible.

Let’s dig in and see what kinds of things you can do to protect laminate floors.

1. Protect Laminate Floors With Pads

A lot of furniture already comes with some sort of protection on sharp surfaces that contact the floor. But there are plenty of furniture pieces that don’t.

If most of your furniture sits on your laminate flooring, you probably want to examine each piece to see if it needs to wear protection.

When it comes to protecting floors from the ravages of furniture legs and supports, there are several options.

Some protection is made to slide, while others are made to stay in place.

Ask yourself, what am I going to do with this furniture. Do I want it to slide around easily? Or is it a stationary thing?

Pads on the bottoms of your furniture legs will allow them to move about without scratching the floor.

If you’re looking to keep something more stable and permanent, consider rubber protection for the bottom of the furniture.

2. Place A Rug There

Another way to protect both from furniture and deleterious feet is a rug.

Place a rug under the coffee table. Place a rug in the most traveled hallways. Place a rug near the entryway door.

Not only will you cut back on sweeping by catching all that dust and dirt tracked around. But you will keep those floors nice and shiny.

3. Be Gentle With Your Floors

Rules should always be enforced. And if you have children or regular guests who act like children, lay down the law.

No scraping chairs on the floor. If you are going to move a chair, lift slightly, then move it.

No leaning back in the chairs. This can dent the floor. And so forth.

Be your household police force. Nobody should get away with laminate floor murder.

4. Keep The Humidity At The Right Level

If you keep the humidity levels in your home between 35 and 65%, you will prevent your laminate floors from warping.

This warping is due to the expansion and contraction of the material in your floor.

Use a humidifier in dry conditions and dehumidifier in wet.

5. Clean Your Laminate Floors

This may seem like common sense. But keeping your laminate floors clean will keep dirt from grinding into the materials.

If you don’t clean your floors at least once a week, dirt will permanently lodge into the material. And depending on the color of the material, your floors could look permanently dirty.

The best way to clean your laminate floors is with a spray-on Swiffer type tool. This will keep the floor dry while still cleaning up the dirt.


To protect laminate floors, treat them right. You want them to last you a while.

What are the best ways you’ve found to protect your laminate flooring? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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